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So Much to Learn and See!

Did you know that we have a Virology Lab right here in Winnipeg? It is the only one in Canada and one of two in North America!

Check out the following information and websites to learn more!

This is for the Robotics Fanatics out there! Check out what this program has to offer!

There has been a lot of exciting changes at our Manitoba Museum over the past year! Check out What’s New at the Museum from the information and websites at this link!

For Our Hardworking and Dedicated Teachers and Instructors!

Science on Stage Canada is a Science Fair for Teachers by Teachers! It offers teachers an opportunity to share and learn from each other. Science on Stage Canada is also part of Science on Stage Europe! This year’s event is all on-line. You do not have to worry about Subs, missing your class and best of all, it is free!

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