Manitoba Aerospace

April 27, 2022

AMMOP Open House 6 pm

April 26, 2022

Registration deadline for the AMMOP Open House

Explore Careers in Aerospace and Aviation

Manitoba Aerospace is a not-for-profit organization that represents
aerospace and defence companies though collaboration, innovation
and educational partnerships.
Manitoba is home to Canada’s third largest aerospace industry
sector. It is a global leader in Aerospace that includes design,
manufacturing, servicing, testing, certification, as well as research
development and capabilities. There are many diverse careers,
including engineers, technicians, inspectors, and so many more!
Manitoba Aerospace has partnered with the Winnipeg School
Division to offer a free, adult training program called AMMOP
(Aerospace Manufacturing and Maintenance Orientation Program)
for those interested in transitioning into employment and post-
secondary opportunities in Aerospace.
Manitoba Aerospace has also partnered with CAHRD(Centre for
Aboriginal Humans Resource Development) and Neeginan College
to provide training programs that help individuals gain employment
in the industry.
Other post-secondary opportunities include RRC Polytech,
Stevenson Campus and the University of Manitoba, Mechanical
Engineering, major in Aerospace.

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