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Health & Biotechnology

1201Can Music Help You Study More Efficiently?Holy Ghost SchoolDerek Barrientos
1202Does Food Affect Our MoodHoly Ghost SchoolErik Pawczynski
1203How Do Different Activities Affect Your Sleep?Holy Ghost SchoolStacey May Espiritu

Plant Science

1301Which Liquid Affect PLANT GrowthHoly Ghost SchoolRovilynne Bustos

Physics & Engineering

1701MEA SATELLESSamuel BurlandAiyaan Faisal


Animal Science

2101Thylacines: Are They Alive !?!? Tasmanian Tigers: or Extinct!?HomeschoolNaomie Perkins
Abigail Perkins

Environmental Science

2601Accelerating the Rate of Biodegrading Polystyrene using Tenebrio molitorSt Mary's AcademyMarissa Magsino


Health & Biotechnology

4201An investigation of how ribavirin and triptolide can be used synergisticallySeven Oaks Met SchoolJasmine Do
4202An Investigation Into the Links Between Zika Virus, Autophagy and GlioblastomaSeven Oaks Met SchoolAlyssa Cohen