Feedback from students, teachers and parents includes comments like:

“Many of my students who never expressed an interest in Science before really excelled and produced excellent  work.”                                              Grade 7 teacher

“The students were really motivated and didn’t need much encouragement. They really applied concepts I had taught them and I was surprised by their creativity.”                                                                                                                                    Grade 5 teacher

“I came in to class to hear my son’s Alien presentation. He spoke really well and was so proud of what he did. This was the first time I’d seen him so keen on an activity and he definitely wants to do it again next year. ”                           Grade 4 parent

“I tried Alien with my class for the first time this year. I was worried that it was going to be difficult and that some parents would call and complain about how much work their child did at home. I had no complains and some even told me what a great project it was.”                                                                                                        Grade 5 teacher

“My son read about Invent and Alien on the Web site and wanted to do it. He told his teacher about it and made her enter him and his partner. It was amazing how much he learned. He definitely wants to do it again next year.”    Mother of Grade 4 student

“I loved doing Invent an Alien. The best part was building the alien. The scariest past was having to present before the judges in French.”                Grade 4 student

“My dad and I had lots of talks about my alien. I told him what I wanted to do about a certain system like the digestive system and he asked me lots of questions and make me really think about it.  It was a really fun project.”             Grade 6 student


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